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Impactor is a high yielding, medium maturing timothy. It is characterized by a semierect growth habit, consistent dark leaf color and large seed head. Powerful rust resistance and winterhardiness contribute to Impactor’s quality and persistence - where it has shown good neutral detergent fiber digestibility (%NDFD) and consistent second cut performance


Catapult is an aggressive growing, early-to-mid maturity timothy. A semi-erect growth habit, medium to dark green color, and taller plant height are characteristic of this variety. Bred for spring vigor and summer regrowth, Catapult comes out of the ground fast with rapid recovery after cutting. Its superior stand persistence lasts all-season and continues year after year. Ideal companion for legumes, other forage grasses, or as a pure stand.


Prommesse Timothy is a variety selected for its earlier maturing characteristics. It is well suited for the farmer looking for the many advantages of Climax, but would like earlier maturity. It has performed well when used in pasture mixes, or blended with other forage crops when cutting for hay. It grows well in a variety of soil conditions.


Intermediate timothy for high quality hay and pasture application. Summergraze was selected for immediate maturity yield over the growing season, winter survival, and ground cover. Summergaze has been evaluated across North America and is ideal for summer production in pastures and hay stands. It combines good spring vigor with a very leafy plant in an intermediate maturity timothy that blends well with both grasses and legumes.