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3010 is a very, dormant high forage yield alfalfa with a deep- set crown. Its dormancy is similar to Vernal. 3010 produces a large first harvest and moderate forage yields throughout the summer season. It performs best in both well-drained producing soils as well as less than ideal soils. The outstanding disease, insect and nematode resistance package will protect 3010 in adverse environments.

Key Characteristics

  • Fall Dormancy as 2.5

  • High traffic tolerance due to deep set rows

  • High forage yields

  • Excellent disease resistance package


FC413 is a dependable 4 dormancy product that is very high-yielding under 3 to 5 cut harvest managements. It consistently delivers greater income per acre for dairy, beef, and cash hay producers. FC413’s disease resistance package protects your crop from most common pests and diseases. In the field, it’s a head turner, while on the dairy, it’s a milk producer.

Winter Survival and Adaptation

  • Fall Dormancy 3.9

  • Winter Survival 2.0

  • Stand Persistence Excellent

  • DRI 28

4010 BR

4010 BR delivers branch rooted characteristics with superior disease resistance to deliver superior performance in wet soil. The root system of 4010 BR has been selected for a greater degree of the branch rooted trait which helps keep more of the root system above the water table and better secures the plant in the ground when freezing thawing occurs. 4010 BR would allow alfalfa to be more persistent and productive in areas not usually considered for hay production.

Key Characteristics

  • Branch rooter to tolerate wet soils

  • Highly resistant to 6 major diseases

  • Resistant to Aphanomyces Root Rot (Race 2)

  • High forage yield

  • Very persistent


Barricade SLT is an alfalfa variety well suited to areas with increased salinity pressures. Selected from parents that endured repeated irrigation under a 100mM NaCl solution in the greenhouse, and endured field soils with >8 EC, Barricade SLT has demonstrated improved germination under saline conditions as well as improved forage production. This increased saline tolerance, when combined with high yield potential and an excellent disease and pest resistance package, gives Barricade SLT excellent overall performance and hardiness.

Key Characteristics

  • Improved salt tolerance

  • Excellent forage yield potential

  • Broad disease and pest resistance


Optimus is a synthetic alfalfa variety that combines fast recovery, high multifoliate expression, stand persistence and a good disease package. It responds well to aggressive cutting regimes and delivers high quality hay.

Key Characteristics

• Outstanding performance over a wide range of soil types

  • Medium to medium-high plant populations will delivertop performance

  • Best performance has been experienced in-zone or north


4030 is a forage yield leader with an outstanding disease and nematode resistance package. It exhibits high forage quality which will produce dairy quality forage for the demanding diary operations 4030 express high resistance to the six major diseases that attack alfalfa.

Key Characteristics

• Higher forage yelid potential

  • Imporved digestibility for batter animal performance

  • Fast recovery with excellent persistence

  • Outstanding winter survival Resistant to Aphanomyces Root Rot (Race 2)


Shockwave BR combines a branch rooted trait with a superior disease resistance package to deliver outstanding performance. In areas that can have higher water tables, the branch root of Shockwave BR allows it to keep more of the root system above the water table and also gives it a better resistance to heaving pressure created from freeze-thaw cycles. This characteristic, combined with Shockwave BR’s high forage yield, make it a productive variety in both normal and wetter conditions.

Key Characteristics

• Outstanding forage yield potential

  • Produces high quality forage

  • Outstanding disease and pest resistance

  • Fast recovery and excellent persistence


The Alfalfa Fortress Stockpile is a new high-quality tap root alfalfa, targeting the high-yield and high-quality forage producer that will stand the test of time. Stockpile offers excellent winter survival whole providing excellent late season regrowth with an excellent disease package to ensure great stand survival


6010 consistently delivers outstanding forage yields for a fall dormancy 6 alfalfa. In addition to high forage yield capabilities, 6010 has an outstanding disease and nematode resistance package, It exhibits high relative forage quality which will produce dairy quality forage for the demanding dairy operations. 6010 expresses an excellent resistance package to 6 major diseases that attack alfalfa.

Key Characteristics

• Improved digestibility for better animal performance

  • Fast recovery

  • Excellent stand persistence

  • Outstanding winter survival raking


Slingshot is a high yielding fall dormancy 5 alfalfa, bred for winterhardiness. It is well suited to an aggressive multi-cut system. Expressing a high degree of multifoliate leafiness contributes to its impressive quality. Complimented by a perfect 30/30 score on the Disease Resistant Index (DRI) helps propel hay, haylage, green chop and dehydrated product to the next level.