Cover Crops

Cover Crops

Rocket Lettuce Seed

Rocket Lettuce

Species: Eruca satire

English name: Arugula/ Rocket lettuce
Variety specifications Early vigourslow Flowering: 50-60 days after drilling

Main glucosinolate:

Glucoerucin Nematode control:

Heterodera schachtii,

Meloidogyne chitwoodi, incognita and javconic,

Seed density: 10 kg/ha
TRIO is both suitable for nematode control as for human consumption. The flavor of TRIO is spicy with a nutty taste. As the species contains high levels of glucosinolates it has bio-fumigation potential. Together with the secured nematode resistance on specific beet cyst and several root knot nematodes TRIO could be a safe crop to use as bio-fumigant against soil borne fungi.

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